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TASTY WATER 80 - 90 Degrees.

The water is best freshly filtered and should not be re-boiled because this diminishes the oxygen content. For good leaf tea the water should be below boiling. This is because the amino acids (which produce the tea's flavour) dissolve at lower temperatures than tannin. Tea made with water at 100°c will be more astringent and less sweet.

loose leaf tea 2.5 grams.

The best quantity per cup of tea is approximately 2.5 grams (thats roughly one tea spoon) but if you like it strong add more.

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warm the cups and pot.

Warm the cups and pot by first pouring the water into the he cups then from the cups to the teapot that should do the trick do it as quickly as possible so that the water does't cool down too much.


For black tea the steeping times really differ with preference.  If you want to drink the tea on it's own (without milk) 2 - 3 minute is ideal but if you want to build the strong tannic flavours you may want to leave it longer than 3-5 minutes.

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Put Your Feet Up And Enjoy.

Slip your shoes off sit back and put your feet up and enjoy a well earned cup of whole leaf tea we recommend it with a beautiful homemade biscuit.

Remember with loose leaf tea the second and third brew is just as good so don't forget to fill the kettle back up.